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Toyota Roomy and Tank

Toyota today officially launched the Roomy and Tank compact MPVs for the Japanese market, both models based on the 1LD-CAR concept. The concept refers to one car for Living and Driving (LD), combining a spacious interior with good driving performance. It is said to represent a new generation of compact MPVs for families with small children as well as customers with wide-ranging lifestyles.

The two models are essentially the same but are sold through different dealer channels, an approach which Toyota has used for many decades. The Roomy will be sold through Toyota and Toyota Corolla dealerships while the Tank will be available from Toyopet and Netz dealerships across Japan.

While the Roomy name is obvious enough, Toyota explains that ‘Tank’ does not refer to a battle tank, which is what many may first think of. Instead, it refers to a water tank which has a large capacity.

Goodyear Triplemax

Only a 1-litre 3-cylinder engine is available and these are from the KR family developed by Daihatsu. They are available in two variants, one with a turbocharger, with outputs of up to 98 ps/140 Nm. They are mated to CVTs and customers have the option of front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The latter drivetrain is usually popular in areas where there is a lot of snow and better grip is needed.



The Roomy and Tank have the efficient interior packaging that compact Japanese cars are known for and the spacious cabin has a maximum distance of 1,105 mm has been maintained between the front and rear passengers, achieving roomy rear seats. Sliding side doors provide more convenient entry and exit, especially in tight parking spaces.

The cargo space, with a floor width of over 1500 mm in length, is able to accommodate large objects. The cargo bed board can be reversed and with the stain-prevention sheet extended, a bicycle can also be loaded into the car.


Standards of safety are high and include the Smart Assist II collision avoidance assist system. The primary role of this system is to help prevent or mitigate damage resulting from collisions in urban environments. The system provides driver support through 5 functions: a collision warning function for vehicles and pedestrians, a collision avoidance brake assist function for vehicles, an accidental-start control function for forward and backward starts, a line deviation warning function, and a function that notifies the driver that the vehicle ahead has started moving forward.

On certain variants, there’s a Panoramic View feature which is useful when parking the vehicle or negotiating blind intersections. 4 cameras that are mounted to the front and rear sides of the vehicle capture video images of everything that is happening around the car, and also displays a bird’s-eye view on the multi-information display.

If you see similar-looking models but not having Toyota badges, they are the Daihatsu Thor and Subaru Just which are also the same models but sold by the other companies. All the cars are made at a Daihatsu factory in Ikeda, Japan.

The Daihatsu and Subaru versions which are known as Thor and Justy, respectively
The Daihatsu and Subaru versions which are known as Thor and Justy, respectively

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