At the Geneva Motorshow next month, Toyota will display a possible future variant of the 86 sportscar in the form of the FT-86 Open Concept (sketch shown above). Prototype engineering work is now going on and showing the concept car to the public for the first time will help gauge customer reaction which will influence the decision to commercialise the variant.

Another concept model at the motorshow will be the i-ROAD (above), a compact vehicle said to offer fun and emissions-free personal mobility. It is capable of swiftly and efficiently transporting two people in an urban environment.

Following its preview at the Paris Motorshow last year, the Auris Touring Sports will make its world premiere in Geneva Motor Show, where full specifications, dimensions and performance data will be revealed. Combining versatility and dynamic design with superior luggage capacity and segment-unique full hybrid technology, the new Auris Touring Sports is set to become the new point of reference in the medium-sized wagon segment.


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