Mitsubishi Motors has launched the new Mirage in the Japanese market with the claim of being the most fuel-efficient road-legal petrol-engined car (excluding hybrids) in the market. Its consumption of 27.2 kms/litre (factory-based test results) is 20% better than Japan’s 2015 Fuel Efficiency Standard. Because it can meet the standard, the model qualifies for the Japanese government’s “eco-car” classification which exempts it from acquisition tax and motor vehicle tax at the time of purchase.

The new Mirage is Mitsubishi’s compact model developed for the global market and is made in Thailand. Though targeted at consumers in emerging markets who require low-priced and economical cars, it is also expected to appeal to motorists in advanced markets as an “eco-car.”

In Japan, the Mirage is available in three grades, all using the same new 1-litre 3-cylinder MIVEC engine and the latest version of the INVECS-III CVT transmission. Only the two versions fitted with the Auto Stop & Go (AS&G) system achieve the 27.2 kms/litre consumption as the system eliminates a large amount of fuel wastage during long idling periods (eg at traffic lights). The version without AS&G is claimed to do 23.2 kms/litre which is still 10% better than the 2015 standard. This qualifies buyers for 75% reduction in acquisition tax and motor vehicle weight tax at the time of purchaser.

Final checks on the new Mirage at Mitsubishi Motors Thailand before export to Japan

Prices in Japan (after tax exemptions) start from 998,000 yen (equivalent to about RM40,000) and go up to 1.288 million yen (about RM51,500). Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia is conducting a feasibility study to determine if the Mirage can be introduced in Malaysia, especially since its origin from Mitsubishi’s new factory in Thailand would qualify it for duty-free import under AFTA provisions (but excise duty still has to be paid).

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  1. The Thais seem to really know what they are doing and through fair, ethical and international standards.

  2. The price in M’sia probably a bit lower than jazz hybryd or prius c….don’t ever dream to get cheap one.

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