Goo KANTEI, a service exclusively available from PROTO Malaysia Sdn Bhd, has been providing many vehicle owners and dealers with high-quality vehicle inspections since 2015. These inspections are carried out on nearly 350 points in and around the vehicle with particular focus on the body structure because this has important implications on safety.

‘Goo KANTEI’ is a combination of the words ‘Goo’ and ‘KANTEI’, with ‘KANTEI’ being a Japanese word meaning ‘inspection, verification, check, and appraisal’. This service has been available in Japan since 2006 and is today Japan’s leading and most trusted vehicle inspection service which has certified hundreds of thousands of vehicles throughout the country.

The inspectors thoroughly trained before they are allowed to conduct vehicle inspections as they must adhere to the strict guidelines of the Japan Automobile Appraisal Association (JAAA) which endorses Goo KANTEI. In order to achieve the high standards of professionalism, the training that has three phases and includes no less than 240 hours of inspection training.

In the first phase, the applicants for the job must undergo a state examination, after which they are assessed for aptitude, communication skills and, of course, knowledge of vehicles. As the job requires that the inspectors arrive on time, their punctuality is also assessed.

Before being certified as Goo KANTEI inspectors, applicants must go through extensive training and assessment in Japan

Once they pass the qualification phase and are considered to have potential to become Goo KANTEI inspectors, basic training is provided. This is quite extensive and includes 35 hours of attending lectures in classrooms and 240 hours of learning how to carry out a vehicle inspection.

Upon satisfactory completion of basic training, there is on-the-job training which provides a more practical approach. Senior inspectors provide such training, sharing their knowledge and experience with the newcomers. As these seniors have inspected thousands of vehicles, they have gained much knowledge of all types of vehicles and this knowledge is valuable during inspections. In this phase, there are regular tests to ensure that the trainee inspector is making progress and has the necessary skills to be a professional inspector.

To be a Goo KANTEI inspector also requires high levels of honesty and integrity, and this is emphasised throughout the training. They must be able to make a neutral assessment of the vehicle because customers place full trust in the results.

Eventually, when the senior inspector is satisfied with the performance of the newcomer, he is allowed to become a Certified Inspector of Goo KANTEI. But even with this status, he will have to undergo an annual examination to ensure that his skills are maintained. More importantly, he is expected to constantly develop himself and be aware of new developments in the industry as well as new models. Although many of the vehicles inspected in Japan are of Japanese brands, Goo KANTEI inspectors must also be familiar with non-Japanese makes as these too are sold in Japan.

Since 2014, Goo KANTEI has also been introduced in Taiwan and in Malaysia last year. A unique feature of the Goo KANTEI services outside Japan is that the vehicle inspectors are the same ones as those in Japan. A number of experienced inspectors are assigned to Taiwan and Malaysia to provide the service, ensuring that identically high standards are maintained.

“Training to be a Goo KANTEI inspector takes time and as we want to provide the very best service, we are bringing experienced inspectors from Japan at this time. Feedback from customers has also indicated that they are happy with Japanese inspectors and greatly appreciate their professionalism,” said Kenya Ikutsu, Managing Director of PROTO Malaysia.

Mr. Ikutsu added that while the inspection is carried out by a certified inspector here, the issuing of the Goo KANTEI certificate is actually done from the office Japan. “All inspection data is stored at our headquarters in Japan which then issues a unique serial number for the certificate that is presented to the vehicle owner or car dealer,” he said, adding that each inspected vehicle is also registered with the JAAA in Japan.

So if you want the most professional inspection carried out on your vehicle, the best available in Malaysia would be Goo KANTEI. To book an appointment for an inspection (Klang Valley only) or for more information, please visit

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