CHANGES to tax disc legislation could leave bikers unable to buy or sell machines that road have tax remaining.

Under the planned rule changes, vehicles will no longer need to display a tax disc because proof of taxation is stored automatically on servers shared by the police, insurers and other relevant motoring organisations.

While this is good news for bikers, because motorbikes are prone to tax disc theft, the draft legislation states that road tax cannot be transferred to a new owner.

The draft states: “It will no longer be possible to transfer the benefit of a vehicle licence when there is a change of registered keeper.

“As a consequence of this, where there is a new registered keeper he/she will be obliged to take out a new vehicle licence when the vehicle to which the vehicle licence relates is transferred to him/her.”

The reason for the changes is to prevent unscrupulous traders reclaiming road tax after selling a bike with time still remaining on the disc.

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