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Goodyear DuraplusFor the coming 7 days, beginning after midnight tonight, petrol will be 2 sen cheaper for both grades. RON95 petrol will be RM2.29 a litre while RON97 petrol (which is formulated to Euro-4M levels) will be RM2.57 a litre.

Diesel prices continue downwards again after a 2 sen increase before as there is now a 4 sen decrease. This bring the price of the Euro-2M grade to RM2.21 a litre, and for better fuel, the Euro-5 grade costs an extra 10 sen per litre at RM2.31.

As the year-end festive season starts, it appears that fuel prices are dropping which is good news for those who plan on travelling for their final holidays of the year. Of course, no one can predict what will happen in the remaining two 7-day cycles before the end of the month but hopefully, the trend will continue.


Modern engines are much more fuel-efficient than the older ones and in spite of downsizing in displacement, the output is higher because of turbocharging and direct injection. But the decrease in displacement means that less fuel is burnt so if you don’t drive hard, you will enjoy reduced fuel consumption. If you want to enjoy the higher performance, well, that does come at a price.

If you have an older engine, you can still maximise its efficiency by ensuring that it is properly tuned. Simple things like having the air filter cleaned, using a high-quality engine oil and even having the tyres at the right (or slightly higher) pressures can all contribute to making each litre give extra kilometres.

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