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Businesses today no longer want to just sell you their products and services. With competition so intense in many industries, there’s a need to put in more effort to secure customer loyalty so that the business can be sustained and grow. But loyalty is not easy for build because the brand, product or service must prove it is worthy of loyalty. That takes time, usually too long for many of today’s KPI-obsessed businesses which must constantly show growth.

So the next best thing is to try to form a ‘relationship’ with customers and you hear that a lot from companies these days. They want to be ‘your friend’ and to ‘stay in touch’ so they can tell you about their latest products and services and urge you to try them, sometimes even for free or at a discounted price. And of course, as their relationship continues, more benefits are added to keep customers paying attention.

Shell Lubricants is doing just that, as it announced a new global brand campaign called ‘Drive On’. At the core of the campaign is an integrated consumer and trade loyalty programme called Shell Advantage and Rewards (SHARE). According to Troy Chapman, Shell Lubricants Executive Director – Southeast Asia & Oceania, Malaysia is the very first market in the world to launch SHARE and it is partly due to the very long history of Shell – well over 100 years – in the country and the responsiveness of consumers. “SHARE reflects Shell’s commitment to help smoothen the journey for both consumers and trade partners,” he said at the launch in Kuala Lumpur this evening.

To support the programme, Shell has developed a user-friendly SHARE mobile app for trade partners to help them better engage and retain customers and manage their inventories. The app also enables both workshop owners and mechanics to collect points with every participating Shell Helix product that they sell to consumers and redeem attractive prizes.

For consumers, motorists in particular, becoming Shell Lubricants’ ‘friend’ through SHARE starts with a simple online registration process at www.shell.com.my/share. They have to purchase one of the following Shell lubricants as part of the registration procedure – Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology, High Mileage, HX7 or HX5.

Once registered, they are welcome into a world of rewards with SHARE. These include a Lazada voucher (applicable to store-wide purchases) for first time sign-up with purchase, a ‘Buy-3-Free-1’ offer, oil change reminders and seasonal promotions.

The ‘Buy-3-Free-1’ offer is for Shell Helix Ultra and after a motorist has purchased the oil for his or her car 3 times in a row (within a period of 2 years), the same type of oil will be provided at no charge for the fourth change.

The free Shell Helix Engine Warranty (SHEW) for cars below 8 years old and no more than 150,000 kms on the odometer is also part of the SHARE programme. The warranty was introduced in 2016 and among all the markets Shell has introduced SHEW, Malaysia has the highest number of motorists who have signed up for it.

The warranty provides compensation for engine failure or damage to 15 parts provided it is proven that the Shell oil was the cause. Shell executives say that since being introduced, they have received a number of claims but none of the claims have qualified for compensation because the cause was not due to Shell’s engine oil.

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The ultimate aim of the Shell Helix Ultra ‘Drive On’ campaign is to rally and inspire both drivers and workshop owners to overcome daily challenges and keep their respective passions for driving and growing their business alive.

“It is difficult for drivers to truly understand the importance of motor oils, and even more difficult for workshops to get drivers to care as well. With the Shell Helix Ultra ‘Drive On’ campaign, we are showing drivers in Malaysia just how our fully synthetic motor oil enables their passion for driving. Whether they drive for the roar of the engine, or for the freedom of the open road, Shell Helix Ultra is designed to protect car engines from the barriers that can hinder performance so that drivers can have the most enjoyable journey possible,” said Mr. Chapman.

He added: “With Shell Helix Ultra, which is made from natural gas, drivers have the assurance that every oil change comes with cutting-edge technology that delivers unmatched protection for the ultimate engine performance. For our trade partners, it is the confidence in knowing that they are able to offer their customers the best lubricant products in the market and we have their backs covered at all times. Best of all, everyone who chooses Shell Helix enjoys instant benefits and rewards!”

In conjunction with the launch of the campaign, the Shell Helix ‘Drive On’ Roadshow will be held at selected locations nationwide from October 13 to December 24, 2017 with attractive prizes to be won. 25 lucky winners will also be taking home Ferrari merchandise in the Shell Helix #IDriveFor social media contest (details at www.shell.com.my/driveon).

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