Chong, a general practitioner from Kuala Lumpur had been after a 1999 Honda Civic EK9 Type R, a car that he had been dreamt of owning one, and when he chanced of seeing one in the classifieds advertised by a private seller, he leapt at the chance. After driving to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail to meet its owner to have a closer look at it, and the initial elation that he felt with the car made him convinced enough to put the full payment down and fulfil a motoring ambition.

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The good times were only lasted momentarily, the first generation Civic Type R was starting to stir problems for its new owner. The exhaust began to emit blue smoke, which was something he did expect for a car of this age and was hopeful and optimistic that the piston rings were the likely cause and an easy install. But, the engine required to have a complete rebuild, which had set him back a whopping RM7,000.

Type-R Gearbox

Due to the neglect of the previous owner, the car’s manual gearbox developed began to develop crunches after a month from the engine overhaul, where Chong discovered that the previous owner did not replace the manual transmission fluid frequently. This caused the synchros to wear out due to tiny metal particles present in the old transmission fluid. Not only that, the brake discs was thinning out with deep grooves in them.

After spending close to RM20,000 and time spent fixing it, Chong felt it was time to let the car go, which instead of fulfilling long awaited ambition, it had left him jaded. He has moved on since and was looking forward to purchasing a new car that is much more reliable than his aging EK9. Being older and married, he had to settle down and get a car is able to sit his family comfortably on long road trips back to his hometown in Alor Setar during the Chinese New Year holiday.

While he was on the look out for the right car, he kept seeing Goo KANTEI banners hung at selected dealerships and on the covers of Motor Trader magazine and decided to find out what it is really all about. He visited the website and learn about the brand’s comprehensive 344-point vehicle inspection services. Satisfied with what he has read so far, he decided to give it a go and made an appointment. During the appointment, he was surprise to see a Japanese man in a blue colour polo t-shirt bearing the familiar emblem and immediately introduces himself. He then began the inspections with Chong observing every step the Goo KANTEI inspector was doing.

GooKANTEI Estima

The inspections was done quicker than he expected it to be, but amazed and happy that the Goo KANTEI inspector was able to tell to him frankly that the car had minor accident repairs made on passenger side door and everything else are in good condition. Chong was impressed and convinced that the car he is getting this time will hopefully last him for another decade; he gratefully thanked the Goo KANTEI inspector and made the full payment to the dealer.

Six months since the purchase, besides the regular maintenance at workshop he regularly visits, the car is still in good working condition under his careful care and attention. He advices that it’s prudent for car buyers to seek a third party inspection service like Goo KANTEI to look through the whole car inside and out to see if there is anything wrong with the vehicle before putting down the full payment with having the knowledge that they are not short changed. For more information and to make an appointment with our certified inspectors, please visit

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