The central element in the National Car project, Proton?s journey over 25 years has been one that has had many challenges and the company intends to celebrate passing the milestone which occurs this year in a big way.

Speaking at the official launch of the 25th anniversary celebration program, Proton Holdings Group MD, Dato? Haji Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir, said the celebration program will include events specially targeted to the general public, local and overseas customers, Proton staff, dealers, vendors and even members of the media to be held this year.

?The program aims to highlight Proton?s journey as the national car company in the 25 years of its existence, and will also help enlighten the general public on the company?s plans in moving forward that will further reinforce customers? confidence and trust in the brand,? he said at the event held at the head office complex in Shah Alam, Selangor, this afternoon.

?The Silver Jubilee programs are the core activities for Proton this year. In fact, on top of all these special events, all corporate and customer-related initiatives carried out this year will be injected with 25th Anniversary DNA, to streamline our efforts in making this a grand year to remember,? he added.

The 25th Anniversary celebration started off with the 25th Anniversary Logo Designing & Slogan Writing Competition, which was held especially for Proton employees. The winning logo which was unveiled at today?s event and will be used as the official logo of the year-long celebration, was designed by Rosaidatul Nor bt. Rosli from Miyazu Malaysia Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Proton Holdings. As for the slogan, the judging committee awarded six consolation prizes to selected entries.

According to Dato? Haji Syed Zainal, the competition was held as a sign of gratitude to Proton staff as he believed that nobody is more passionate and knowledgeable about the brand than those who work with Proton.

The Proton MD with the company’s longest-serving employee, Puan Rohayah Abdul Manaf

To further show the company?s appreciation, a special group of employees ? the 651 ?Proton Pioneers? who have been with the company since the beginning – will receive acknowledgement for their loyalty and dedication and be presented with a special gift set. At the same time, all Proton employees will receive special commemorative gifts in conjunction with the celebrations.

Besides the logo and slogan competition, the highlight of the year-long celebration will be the 25th Anniversary Commemorative Gala Dinner on July 9th 2010. This date is significant in Proton?s history because on that day in 1985, the first Proton Saga rolled out of the production plant.
The Gala Dinner will also see the launch of exclusive 25th Anniversary special edition Proton models which will carry a unique ?Tiger? theme based on the animal?s powerful, brave and elegant characteristics.

?After 25 years, we have now mastered not only the knowledge, but also the right skills and expertise to build good, competitive cars. And now, we are strengthening our future strategies to successfully compete in the global market,? said Dato? Haji Syed Zainal.

Winners of the first event in the 25th anniversary program

Other special events to be held in conjunction of the anniversary include ?Jelajah Amal 1PROTON 1Malaysia?, a charity road show of 125 cars from 11 official Proton car clubs, consisting of all Proton models, past and present. The historical convoy will be making stops at various locations nationwide to organise various charitable activities.

Proton is also transforming a shipping container into a Mobile Technology Exhibition Unit to showcase its 25 years as an automotive manufacturer, where members of the public will be able to learn about its groundbreaking R&D feats, from the past and moving forward, and see for themselves the revolution that?Proton has gone through.
As a good corporate citizen, Proton will establish the Proton 25th Anniversary Charity Fund and the company will pledge RM25 from each Proton car sold from April 22 2010 to June 30 2010. All funds raised will be presented to 25 selected charitable organisations during the 25th Anniversary Gala Dinner. In the first two months of 2010, Proton sales averaged 12,750 units a month and with the market picking up, it is likely that the number will reach 14,000 or 15,000 units a month. So it is likely that the fund could be in the region of RM800,000, if not more.

Proton’s first model and Malaysia’s first National Car, the Saga

The Proton factory in Selangor in its early years. Today, all the land has been used up and a second plant has been built in Tg Malim

There will also be a ?Saga Snap & Win? Photo Contest where aspiring photographers will stand a chance to win up to RM25,000 in cash. The contest aims to touch the hearts of Saga fans and owners nationwide, and will showcase sentimental and inspiring photographs of the original and latest versions of the iconic Proton Saga. The finalists will be featured in an exhibition in July and entries will be judged by a panel of photography experts, including those from the Malaysia Photography Association.
A commemorative coffee table book to immortalise the trials and tribulations underwent by Proton. The book will be a limited edition?with only 5,000 copies to be produced, and will be launched at the Gala Dinner.
Needless to say, there will be Proton 25th Anniversary Exclusive Merchandise which will feature limited edition PROTON merchandise like polo T-shirts, jackets, umbrellas, thermos, etc. bearing the anniversary logo.

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