The Proton Saga range has gained a new variant known as the Saga Plus, which is said to be a replacement of the Saga SV. At the same time, the Executive and SE variants of the Saga are also discontinued.

Priced at between RM33,242 to RM36,576, the Saga Plus comes with  additional features such as 14-inch inch alloy rims, a full body kit, spoiler, and rear garnish in body colour. It also gets a ‘Plus’ grade mark as an identifier of the variant.

Customers have a choice of 5-speed manual or automatic CVT transmissions with the car which has a 1.3-litre CAMPRO IAFM engine developed by Proton.

“The word ‘Plus’ reflects the additional features on the existing Saga SV model. The model carries the exterior of the Saga Executive variant while retaining the SV price bracket. This means that there is no price increase despite having improved looks,” said Dato’ Abdul Harith Abdullah, Proton’s CEO.

“The Saga Plus design not only appeals to those with a small family but also to youths and young executives who have just entered the employment market. Looking back to its history and performance, the Proton Saga has low cost of ownership for 5 years as compared to its competitors and with this latest addition, the company is confident that it will continue to pique interest of buyers who are looking for value-for-money sedan that best fit their requirements,” added Dato’ Harith.

Since the original Saga was first launched in 1985 as Malaysia’s first National Car, some1.6 million units of the model line have been delivered to customers throughout the nation. It remains one of the top-selling models in Malaysia, with Proton selling more than 3,000 units a month, on average.

The second generation, which was launched 8 years ago, continues to be one of the best-selling national models in Malaysia with more than 500,000 units on the road.

The Saga Plus will be available for viewing in Proton showrooms nationwide from this weekend when bookings will be accepted. There are 5 colours choices and each unit comes with a 3-year/60,000km warranty (whichever comes first after original registration).

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