In a couple of months time, Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM) will begin selling the all-new Nissan Almera sedan, a model which can be regarded as the 21st century successor to the Sunny 130Y. In fact, in some countries (like China), this model is sold as a Sunny but for the ASEAN region, Nissan has decided to use Almera which is also not new to the Nissan stable as it has been used in Europe before.

The Almera first appeared in China in 2010 and has been introduced progressively in other countries. Its launch in this region has been tied to the production schedule in Thailand where it qualifies for ‘eco car’ incentives in that country which lower the retail price.

Though the model is assembled in Malaysia, most of the CKD packs come from Thailand so its introduction in Malaysia has had to wait for the model’s launch in Thailand which occurred earlier.

At this time, ETCM is not providing full details of the Malaysian version but it is confirmed that only the 1.5-litre petrol engine will be offered, with a conventional 4-speed automatic transmission (with improved efficiency) and a 5-speed manual transmission.

The strong points of the new Almera are interior roominess in spite of compact exterior dimensions and many features which have yet to become standard in the non-national B-segment that it will compete in. For instance, it will have a very sharp and clear Fine Vision instrument package with a Multi-Information Display and a Smart Key which allows keyless unlocking/locking of the doors, plus pushbutton starting.

Prices are expected to start from RM70,000 and go to RM80,000+ and it is likely that the more expensive versions will have the most goodies.

Rear suspension of Almera uses torsion beam

According to Dato’ Dr, Ang Bon Beng, Executive Director of ETCM, the Almera is expected to account for a significant volume in coming years. In fact, he is confident that the volume will surpass that of the Grand Livina which is currently the company’s best-selling model (and also the best-selling MPV in the non-national segment).

“The Almera is Nissan’s best-selling global sedan and in China alone, they are selling some 15,000 units a month. So we are confident that it will do equally well in Malaysia,” he said during a media preview at Pavilion KL this morning where the car will be displayed this weekend.

Following the trend in the industry nowadays, ETCM plans to progressively release details of the new model in the months leading up to the launch which will take place some time during the fourth quarter of this year.

In the meantime, if you want to know more about this new Nissan, visit or register your interest at a Nissan showroom.


  1. Dear Ang forgot to mention in China it came with rear aircond vent & more importantly, the x-cvt, which is likely why it sells well. Our version ….. meh & sigh are my response.

    • The rear aircond vent is not unusual as the Grand Livina has it too. As for the CVT, I was told that in Thailand, only the Almera 1.2 has it because it has to achieve a target consumption number to qualify as an eco-car.

      • Did they explain why 4at but not cvt?

        Thai spec = 1.2 + cvt = very good fc.
        China = 1.5 + cvt = good power with ultra-smooth cvt.
        Ours & Sg = 1.5 + 4at = neither here nor there.

        Vios/City don’t hv cvt are acceptable as there is no such variant elsewhere, but Almera at other places had cvt sadly ETCM choose to assemble the odd old tech here… already govt is forcing high car price on us, now dealers are ripping us off too. Poor us, & Sg, but at least they hv much wider other choices there! 🙁

  2. Does it have any Stability program?(e.g. ESP,EBD and etc)

  3. Nissan Almera is not a B-segment car. It is listed as C-segment, same grade as Toyota Vios, Honda City and Kia Forte. Compare to space, soundproof, it is not as good as Toyota Corolla Altis, which is categorised as B-segment car.

  4. Nissan Almera doesn’t have stability control. The windscreen is not UV, plus it comes with 4-speed auto transmission, 15″ rims. However, it’s feature is better compare to Toyota Vios.

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