The latest version of the Nissan Serena sold in the Japanese market is now available with a new hybrid powertrain. Called the Serena S-Hybrid, the new model is the most fuel-efficient variant of Japan’s most popular minivan last year (and also still in No. 1 position this year).

It can achieve up to 15.2 kms/litre (JC08 mode on 2WD) and is the only model in its class to be exempted from Japan’s automobile acquisition and weight taxes.

The S-Hybrid (‘S’ is said to stand for “smart” and “simple”) powertrain is compact with a simplified design. It uses an upgraded version of the ECO motor which serves as an auxiliary motor to increase power output and power generation capabilities.

The hybrid system also adds a sub-battery for increased storage capacity, which fits in the current engine compartment. Installing the entire hybrid system inside the existing engine space maintains the strong points of the Serena, ie largest-in-class cabin and flexible seat configurations.

Differentiating the Serena S-Hybrid from the other variants are features such as blue headlight inner lenses, high-intensity LED rear combination lights, a clear LED High Mount Stop Lamp and exclusive graphic icons in the Multi Graphic Upper Meter.

During the launch of the Serena S-Hybrid, Nissan also announced that all non-hybrid Serena versions will be available with new features like 3-point seatbelts for the centre seats in the 2nd and 3rd rows, and fuel-efficient tyres that reduce rolling resistance for improved fuel efficiency. The One-Touch Auto Slide Door function for the sliding door on the left side of the vehicle, requested by many customers, is now standard on the Highway Star version.

With improved fuel economy, the 4WD versions with an Idling Stop system can now be eligible for a 75% reduction of both automobile acquisition and weight taxes, while the 20S grades (2WD/4WD) will now enjoy a 50% reduction*4 in both taxes.

In Japan, prices for the Serena S-Hybrid range from 2,384,550 yen to 2,799,300 yen (about RM94,850 to RM111,333), which is around 10% more than the non-hybrid variants.

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  1. If available here the price maybe nearly 200k. Ridicilous…

  2. Pat Us See

    this should qualify for 0% tax?  

  3. Bestfren9393

    nice car…run 188km/h at P position

  4. When Will Serena Hybrid come to Malaysia ? Possible before Chinese New Year ?

  5. Tan Chong if you reading this please bring in this hybrid Serena since there is NO Tax till end 2013 . I need to replace my Serena soon .

  6. serena lover

    I am keen on the new serena too

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