Nissan Frontiers are providing the transport for an epic adventure which is now underway across Brazilian states. The mission is to see the country’s most stunning rock art sites where history goes back 10,000 years.

Known as the “Nissan expedition: On the search for Brazilian origins“, the project aims to promote the country’s significant archaeological sites, some of which are recognized by the United Nations for their importance to the collective interest of humanity.

The project follows Nissan’s commitment to being closer to Brazilian consumers by using its products to benefit the country. The expedition will contribute to enhance scientific research of the country’s material culture by disseminating its large collection of rock art sites. Sometimes better known abroad than in Brazil, the cave paintings testify the presence of the first human settlements in rock shelters used more than 12,000 years ago.

At the Brazilian states, which include Piaui and Minas Gerais, the travellers will visit archaeological sites and have an immersive experience with researchers, archaeologists and many others who work to protect the sites.

“We believe there are major milestones in our history that are not known by Brazilians, and the same goes for those who work to protect our material culture,” said Rogerio Louro, Corporate Communications director, Nissan Brazil.

“This is why we decided to launch theme expeditions to take journalists and guests to discover Brazil’s rich history and help disseminate it. We could market our products differently, but this way we can also promote our cultural heritage,” he explained.

To reach each destination, the overland travellers¬†are using the latest Nissan pick-up which is the 12th generation of the model. Sold in 33 Latin American countries, the Frontier is one of Nissan’s best-selling models in the region.

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