Commercial vehicle sales are included in the 2014 volumes of Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Volvo

Source: Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) monthly reports

Click here for 12-month sales trend chart

Click here to see the charts for previous months.

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  1. Proton on 4th place??? Seems like no answer yet from DRB team to improve the sale…

  2. Proton average sale on 4th place….seem like DRB Hicom have no answer yet on how to turn around / increase sale for Proton…after sales still the Achilless heel yet to be cure…

  3. intermilan

    After 4 months into 2015, YoY sales is contracting. Quite sure the % gonna get worse in May, even June 2015 / H1 2015.
    Tell tale sign of Msians tightening their wallet / purse for uncertain future?

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