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Nissan has launched in Japan the New Skyline 200GT-t which has a new high-power, fuel-efficient lightweight turbocharged petrol engine. We don’t know why the grille has an Infiniti logo but this is essentially the same car as the Infiniti Q50 except that it has a ‘Skyline’ badge on the rear end.

The significant thing about this new model is its engine, which is the first use of a Mercedes-Benz engine (in a Nissan model) under an agreement with Daimler which was signed with the Renault-Nissan Alliance in 2010. The engine Daimler is supplying is a 2-litre 4-cylinder turbocharged M274 unit which also powers the E-Class.

The power output of 211 ps is said to be comparable to a 2.5-litre unit, while torque is 350 Nm. The tuning of the direct-injection engine is different from that of the engine used for the Mercedes but Nissan promises that it will ‘delivers exhilarating driving response and powerful acceleration’. The automatic transmission is also supplied by Daimler.

With the adoption of Idling Stop, direct-injection, variable valve timing (Mercedes-Benz Camtronic system), electro-hydraulic power steering and charging control, the Skyline 200GT-t has achieved fuel economy of 13.6 kms/litre using the Japanese JC08 test cycle, an improvement of about 20% over the previous-generation Skyline (250GT).

The 4-wheel independent suspension has a single pivot double-wishbone design in front while the revised rear layout utilizes a multi-link design with coil springs and Dual Flow Path shock absorbers, with increased camber stiffness and improved ride comfort.

Sales begin in Japan from June 7 with prices ranging from 3,834,000 yen to 4,568,400 yen (about RM121,000 – RM144,320).

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