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2018 BMW X2 (2)

2018 BMW X2 (1)

The new BMW X2 is in its final stages of development as engineers fine-tune it before it starts appearing in showrooms. While all the testing on computers and in wind tunnels and test tracks have helped to prepare the new model, how it actually behaves in the real world can only be verified by being driven in the real world.

Unfortunately, that means the appearance of the new model will be visible to the public, taking away the surprise at launch time (and letting competitors know what BMW’s next new product is like). Nevertheless, such an exercise has to be done and in order to ‘hide’ the actual design, BMW has wrapped its next new Sports Activity Coupe with a unique camouflage as it travels through the ‘urban jungle’.

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The camouflage has yellow, grey and black patches which also serve to highlight the distinctive qualities of the new model in optimum fashion. The unusual design is based on a digital pattern and expresses the innovative spirit and future orientation of the BMW Group.

So it was hardly surprising that the new X2 has drawn attention on its expedition. Anyone who saw it during its tour was able to gain an early impression of the extravagant, contemporary design and sporty flair.

2018 BMW X2 (3)

What’s already known about the new X2 is that it will use a new design language, and it will sit on the BMW UKL platform already used by the X1, 2-series Active Tourer and Gran Tourer, and the latest generation of MINI models. This means the engine is installed in a transverse orientation although it is like to still have xDrive. The powerplants available will be 3 and 4-cylinder units.

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