China is the most important market for Volkswagen (and many other carmakers too) these days and besides developing specific models or adapted popular ones just for that huge market, the German company also unveils some of its new models there. This year, Volkswagen will unveil the all-new Touareg which will be the third generation of the SUV model line since 2002.

First official sketch of the new Touareg

The brand’s flagship is the next milestone in the largest model campaign by Volkswagen. Standing at the top of the model range, the Touareg will show ‘all of the brand’s power with its expressive design, innovative technologies and dynamic handling properties’.

The expressive design by Klaus Bischoff, Head of Volkswagen Design, and his team give it an unmistakable appearance that is strong in character. A multitude of innovative assistance systems give it a maximum degree of safety and comfort. Boasting one of the largest digital cockpits in its class – referred to as the Innovision Cockpit – opens up a new type of infotainment environment. Its connectivity makes it a driving internet node. The drivetrain, air suspension, rear-wheel steering and roll stabilisation all ensure a safe and dynamic driving experience.

With the new Touareg, Volkswagen aims to satisfy the rigorous standards of the premium automotive class and its customers. The C-segment of SUVs is currently one of the fastest growing segments in global automotive markets and is expected to double its volume by the year 2023 in China.

First and second generations of Volkswagen’s flagship SUV

One million units have been sold worldwide and the Touareg has demonstrated its performance and driving capabilities impressively in off-road events, including the Dakar Rally. Long-distance drivers like Rainer Zietlow and his team have chosen it for their endurance and high-speed drives from one part of the world to the other. Even in the famous Pikes Peak Hillclimb in America, a Touareg TDI set a new division record for the fastest time up the mountain with a diesel-powered vehicle.

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