Although design is one of the strongest selling points of Mazda vehicles, once a customer has become an owner, then it is the ownership experience that becomes the highlight. This is especially so with the latest range of models which have Jinba-Ittai in their DNA. It is what differentiates a Mazda vehicle from others and provides owners with lots of driving pleasure.

To understand and experience Jinba-Ittai, Bermaz Motor’s MazdaSports Academy’s organised its very first ownership experience programme at the MAEPS site in Serdang, Selangor, recently. The programme was originally to have been just one day but due to overwhelming response, a second day was also allocated.

A total of 40 Mazda owners – mostly from the Klang Valley with some also from Melaka, Johor, and even Terengganu – spent the day learning advanced driving techniques which would allow them to enjoy the Jinba-Ittai experience event more fully and safely.

Besides the usual theory sessions and then practical driving exercise, there was also a Time Trial Challenge which was held at the end of the day. For this activity, they used all they had learnt to clock the fastest time over a challenging course. All participants were presented with a certificate of accomplishment upon successful completion of the course.

The MazdaSports Division, which manages the academy, plans to have more such driving programmes in future. They may be for specific models or by categories based on drivetrain, powertrain and vehicle size. Programmes tailored specifically for Mazda’s SUV range as well as its iconic MX-5 roadster are underway.

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