Buying a used car is different from buying a brand new one because the used car has been used previously, perhaps for many years. How it was driven and maintained and even whether it was involved in an accident and repaired is not known. Thus buyers are uncertain of the condition which may be such that they have to spend additional money on rectification after they have purchased the used vehicle.

For greater peace of mind, there’s now a new service from Japan which carries out an inspection of used vehicles and rates them according to their condition. Known as ‘Goo KANTEI’, the service is provided by Car Credo, a subsidiary of PROTO Corporation of Japan which is a Japanese company listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange. ‘Goo’ is a brand name of PROTO Corporation for its products and services which are very popular in Japan.

‘Goo KANTEI’ is a combination of the words ‘Goo’ and ‘KANTEI’, with ‘KANTEI’ or “鑑定” being a Japanese word meaning ‘inspection, verification, check, and appraisal’. Started in 2006, it is Japan’s leading and most trusted vehicle inspection service and hundreds of thousands of vehicles have been certified throughout the country.

For each inspection in Malaysia, the professionally-trained Goo KANTEI inspector from Japan will take about 20 minutes and cover up to 344 points inside, around and even under the vehicle. The entire inspection process is bias-free and has the endorsement of the Japan Automobile Appraisal Association. It is comprehensive and transparent and, at the end of the inspection, a certificate is issued for the specific vehicle. This certificate has information on numerous aspects of the vehicle and explanatory notes in simple language. Star ratings (maximum of 5, which is the best) are shown so that the customer will have an easy basis of comparison of different models that have been Goo KANTEI certified.

A Goo KANTEI inspector from Japan checking a car

Explaining the availability of Goo KANTEI in Malaysia, Kenya Ikutsu, Managing Director of PROTO Malaysia Sdn Bhd said: “Used cars are a big business in Malaysia but until now, customers have been faced with uncertainty when they buy used cars because they are not sure of the condition. Unless they are experts, they may not be able to detect issues that may affect the value of the car, particularly safety.”

With Goo KANTEI, the experts are inspectors from Japan who have special training and years of experience in inspecting used vehicles to evaluate the overall quality. They see thousands of cars each year and through such long experience and in-depth knowledge, they can spot problems and identify if a vehicle body has been repaired before. Such information will be valuable to a customer and provide the important peace of mind when deciding whether to buy the vehicle,” Mr. Ikutsu explained.

After an inspection, dealers will be presented with a certificate of proof that guarantees the vehicle was inspected and rated in a detailed and fair manner. For vehicles that score the maximum rating, dealers can ensure customers that vehicles being sold to them are in good condition, and in return – boosts their buying confidence.

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