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Honda Ultra Body CoatingPainting processes at vehicle assembly plants today are advanced and provide an exterior coating that is not just of a high quality but also lasting. However, even the best paintwork will deteriorate over time (although it might be a long time) and that is why periodic polishing and other treatments are helpful.

However, there are also special coatings which can be applied that add additional protection to the surface. Many owners who choose this option may not realise that if their car’s warranty is still in effect, this can affect the warranty if there are any problems with the paintwork.

Of course, as mentioned earlier, the deterioration usually takes some time unless you drive in areas where climatic conditions are very damaging. So for most people, the original factory finish should remain as good as new while the warranty is in effect and protective treatment is not really necessary.

For Honda owners who still want that additional protection, the company now offers the first-ever authorised Ultra Body Coating for all its models. As this is an authorised treatment, it will not affect the warranty.

The advanced Ultra Body Coating approved by Honda Access of Japan has a 9H rating, the hardest glass-based coating by industry standards, giving very good protection to the paint and preserving the colour on car body surfaces. It can resist the damaging effects of heat, UV rays, iron dust, bird droppings, tar and even small stones. The coating has a glass-based material with lubricating function that allows for easier maintenance and effective antifouling to further protect the body paint.

When applied, the exterior surfaces will have glossiness and a long-lasting shine for up to 3 years (depending on usage conditions). However, the vehicle must be sent in to an authorised Honda Access Body Coating Applicator for an annual inspection to keep the 3-year warranty valid. Failure to meet this condition will void the warranty.