In response to the Low Cost Green Car (LCGC) program announced by the Indonesian government some months back, Honda has introduced new variants of its Brio model which was launched in the market a year ago. Under the LCGC program, a reduction of 25% in tax is allowed for models which can travel not less than 20 kms on a litre of fuel and the Satya variant of the Brio range qualifies so it is priced more attractively (starting from 106 million rupiahs or around RM30,500).

The Brio Satya, which has local content as high as 85% local content, was developed specifically for the Indonesian market. Even its name and logo have an association with the country: ‘Satya’ is the Sanskrit word meaning ‘sincere’ or ‘faithful’ while the logo was inspired by the jasmine flower, Indonesia’s national flower.

“With high local content on the Brio Satya, the number of local suppliers involvement also increased, while the production activity will also drive the economic and create new working opportunity,” said Mr. Uchida, who believes that the model will make a positive contribution not only for Honda but also for the automotive industry in Indonesia generally.

The Brio Satya uses a 1.2-litre SOHC i-VTEC producing 88 ps/109Nm with a 5-speed manual transmission as standard. Besides meeting the LCGC consumption requirement, it also meet Euro-4 exhaust emission standards.

“In just one year after its launch, Honda Brio has become one of the established models in the city car segment. Nevertheless, we see there is still potential and customer demand in the City Car segment, particularly in the more affordable price segmentation,” said Tomoki Uchida, President Director of PT Honda Prospect Motor. “To provide the best products for customers in this segment, we develop on Brio models by presenting new variants with more complete features at a more affordable price,” said Mr. Uchida.

Added Jonfis Fandy, Marketing and After Sales Service Director PT HPM: “With new variants, Honda Brio will meet all the needs of a city car, for first time buyer or an additional car users. Due to localization of production, we can offer more complete features and also affordable prices, so we are confident this product will be well received by consumers in Indonesia.”

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