Mitsubishi Motors has a long history of making SUVs and a lot of know-how in 4×4 technology, so its e-EVOLUTION concept serves as a showcase of the most advanced of such technologies. Artificial intelligence helps the driver take it to greater limits safely while a triple motor powertrain (two motors behind) gives it more capability.

After showing concepts as far back as 2013, Mitsubishi Motors has finally made a production model out of the XR-PHEV and calls it the Eclipse Cross. It’s not certain if it will replace the ASX (which is getting old) as it is said to be positioned between that model and the Outlander.

Suzuki always has interesting concept cars on display. A pity that the brand pulled out of the Malaysian market and has had only a short association with Proton.

Subaru has been showing a number of VIZIV (said to be a word derived from the phrase ‘Vision for Innovation’) concepts since 2013. This latest Performance Concept is a strong hint relating to the next WRX and it certainly looks good.
In the distant future, your online purchases may be delivered by a vehicle like this one which is the FD-SI concept by Isuzu Motors. It probably won’t have a driver too.
The Playstation Gran Turismo booth has been a regular at the motorshow for many years, often serving as the venue for the introduction of a new edition of the videogame. With VR technology now available, visitors can now be more immersed in the game.
This supercar appears in the latest Gran Turismo game and Zagato will also make a a few real-life fully engineered units that can be driven on the road.
Tyres are big business in Japan and this year, Goodyear’s stand had its Innotech Lab to show the latest technologies
Ikeya Formula, a well known transmission specialist, displayed its sportscar prototype which has the world’s first single clutch seamless dog transmission


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