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BHPGo Auto, the sole distributor for Haval vehicles in Malaysia, now offers a fully synthetic engine oil under its own brand name. Said to be engineered with green technology, the oil is claimed to give more protection and can be used for service intervals of up to 15,000 kms (or a maximum of 6 months).

The green technology comes from Repsol, a Spanish energy company which motorsports enthusiasts will be familiar with as it is a sponsor of leading motorcycle and motorcar teams and racers.

The oil has a viscosity of SAE 5W-40 and is formulated to meet the SN service level of the American Petroleum Institute (API), which is the current one. It also meets the ACEA C3 service level which is a European rating.

Among the benefits are lower carbon monoxide emissions which, when complemented by catalytic converters, will keep exhaust emissions cleaner and protect the environment.

Produced in Malaysia, the oil can be used for all petrol-engined vehicles and, is of course, recommended for Haval vehicles. It is available at Haval service centres at RM258 for a 4-litre pack.

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