Fuel prices are up again for the next 7 days, with RON97 petrol having a jump of 7 sen to RM2.39 a litre. RON95 petrol is up by 5 sen to RM2.12 per litre.

As for diesel, there is only a 1 sen increase from the previous 7 days so from tomorrow onwards, the pumps will show RM2.06 per litre for the nationwide Euro2M grade. At this time, the much cleaner Euro5 grade will cost 10 sen more than the Euro2M grade so it will be RM2.16 per litre.

The upward trend in fuel prices in Malaysia seems to be different from the present trend of decreasing oil prices as a surplus is building up. Perhaps it takes a week or two for the effect to occur in Malaysia and hopefully, the government can announce lower prices so that those who plan on taking a holiday trip during Merdeka Day can spend a bit less on fuel costs.

[Chips Yap]

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