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60 participants of Ford Ranger Owner’s Club (FROC) Borneo Region recently completed the first 4×4 expedition by land to Ulu Engkuah, a remote area located in the District of Song, Kapit, Sarawak. Supported by Sime Darby Auto Connexion (SDAC), the 3-day expedition organised by the FROC gets a place in the history book of the club.

The expedition involved a journey of 120 kms which took 8 hours over a gravel route of Ngungun-Song Estate. Besides wet and slippery conditions, the 16 Rangers also had to cross rivers (and not by bridges) and traverse challenging hilly terrain – which was, of course, no problem for the truck that is ‘Built Ford Tough’.

“This was indeed one of the best and most successful 4×4 off-road expedition FROC Borneo Region has organised,” said Martinson Banyang, Organising Chairperson of FROC Borneo Region. “The team not only experienced the tough drive route and the terrain but they also shared in the culture and food of the local native villagers, as well as gained a greater awareness of nature conservation.”

Ulu Engkuah is a remote and uncharted village located in the district of Song, under the division of Kapit, Sarawak. It is surrounded by well-preserved lush virgin rainforests of Borneo, pristine rivers, and fresh air. Located 120 kms from the main town of Kanowit, the only way to reach Ulu Engkuah is via the Rajang river, the main river of Sarawak.

This is why the journey made the FROC Borneo Region was special as travelling overland by vehicles is not done. The route was planned with help from the local orang asli from the village. Having found and created this route, there are now development possibilities for the people of Ulu Engkuah.

With the Ranger’s capability to carry a tonne of payload (or 1000 kgs), the participants could carry lots of equipment, food and water, camping materials, and personal items for the journey. Its high ground clearance also made possible crossing rivers that were deep.

FROC Borneo Region is already planning ahead for a more mentally and physically challenging off-road trip deep into the jungle to test their Rangers and the drivers which will cover a longer distance and take 12 to 18 hours.

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