A street was cordoned off and the bomb squad called after a businessman found a flashing device under his car – which turned out to be a tracking bug fitted by his suspicious wife.

William Sachiti spotted the cigarette packet-sized GPS tracker and feared the worst after previously providing security and anti-fraud devices for banks.

The entrepreneur, who once appeared on TV’s Dragons’ Den, had recently begun working late and his wife, Dr Diletta Bianchini, thought he was having an affair.

So she hired a private investigator, who then bugged his silver Lexus SC430.

When Mr Sachiti spotted the tracker he went to the nearest police station and the High Street in Sutton, Surrey, had to be shut down.

He told the Daily Telegraph: “(It) was the wife who hired someone to follow me as she was concerned about my new ambiguous work hours.

“She may well have thought I’m having an affair but I’m not.

“My wife has always been that sort of person who has wanted to know where I am.”

As police began to cordon off the area, Mr Sachiti telephoned his wife and she confessed.

“I’m just so sorry it happened.

“It was a huge mistake and I was out of my mind,” she told the paper.

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Six graves have been damaged after a stolen car reversed through a cemetery.

Police are hunting for three people who made off on foot after abandoning the vehicle in Antrim cemetery.

The car had been stolen from the Kingsmere Avenue area of Belfast that same morning.

One of three occupants was described by police as being 20 years old, with short dark hair wearing a pink tee shirt, track bottoms and a cast on his right forearm.

Another was said to be 16 years old, with a crew cut style hair and wearing a royal blue tee shirt and jeans.

The third was described as being 16-17 years old, 5’9″ tall and wearing a blue hooded top and jeans.

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