Passat 1.8 (top) will be first locally-assembled Volkswagen model in almost 30 years. Build quality of the cars will be same as those from other VW plants, assures VGM (Golf assembly at one of its German plants shown above)
Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) has clarified that locally-assembled (CKD) versions of the Volkswagen Passat will only go on sale in 2012.

The clarification has been made following an announcement by Dato’ Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil, Group MD of DRB-HICOM, who revealed that production of the first batch of Passat CKD models has commenced at the DRB-HICOM Automotive Complex in Pekan, Pahang.

It is known that so far, some 70 units have already been assembled but these are pre-production units which will be used internally. This is a common practice by all carmakers where there is a phase just prior to mass production when the cars are used for training purposes, media previews, etc. During this period, any issues are identified and resolved so that when mass production starts, the units are of top quality.
VGM is currently assessing the market introduction and pricing strategy for the model and will make an announcement at an appropriate time.
“DRB-HICOM is the assembler of Volkswagen CKD products in Malaysia. Volkswagen Group Malaysia, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group in Germany, is responsible for the market introductions of all Volkswagen products, both CKD and CBU, into the Malaysian market,” said Ricky Tay, MD of Volkswagen Group Malaysia.
In an informal discussion with Motor Trader recently, Mr. Tay also said that there will be intensive focus on build quality and customers can expect that locally-assembled models will be as good as those which are made at Volkswagen’s own plants, of which there are 62 worldwide. Personnel from Volkswagen will be scrutinizing each unit closely to ensure that they meet Volkswagen’s high standards.

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