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Unfortunately, the festive seasons are now over and the family reunions done and dusted. So its time to put away those barely legal firecrackers and party hats as we begin to get down to business and make 2014 the most prosperous of years. Volkswagen is one of those who are looking forward to a great year as the time for them to launch their most potent Golf to date, the R, is close at hand.

The German automaker invited journos from around the world to witness the all-wheel-drive Golf’s abilities on treacherous snowing conditions of Sweden and we were among them. With -12 degrees Celsius being the average temperature, stepping outdoors with no less than four layers of clothing would spell disaster especially for those acclimatised to tropical weather conditions i.e. Malaysians. So it always pays to plan ahead and never venture into uncharted waters without being prepared, which also holds true when hunting for your dream motor.

In other news, drifting star Tanner Foust will be participating in rallycross completions with one mad looking Beetle that churns out an equally insane 560bhp. That’s right, 560bhp from a car no bigger than a Volkswagen Passat.

It’s some seriously interesting stuff; so do go through the news as you probably be as captivated with some of the articles like I was including the Golf R feature. But until the next issue, have a great week and remember just because its cheap doesn’t mean it’s a good buy – so do your homework.

Mark Cooke

Mark Cooke
Managing Director
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