After having had their entry into the Malaysian market delayed by a time-wasting attempt to establish a partnership with Proton, Volkswagen is certainly making up for lost time now. Its current product line is the best ever and has helped grow the volume by 225% this year (compared to 2010) and it is in the final stages of its project to introduce three locally-assembled models over the next couple of years.
This weekend, the German carmaker will present to Malaysians not just its latest products but also explain what Volkswagen has always stood for and also where it is headed.

The event will be the Das Auto Show at Bukit Jalil outside Kuala Lumpur where the full range of models sold in Malaysia will be on display as well as many other models which are sold in other countries.

Introduced personally tonight by Weiming Soh, Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Group China and Head of Volkswagen’s business in East Asia and ASEAN, the models include the all-new third generation Beetle which was launched almost simultaneously in Shanghai, Berlin and New York in April this year and the Amarok pick-up.
Visitors to the Das Auto Show will also get to watch many audio-visual presentations that give them a better idea of the global reach of Volkswagen and the technologies it has pioneered which have made motoring more exhilarating, safer and yet friendlier to the environment.
The event will be on from 10 am to 10 pm on this Saturday and Sunday and there is no charge for entry. There won’t be test-drives at the event but those who are eager to experience the latest models available for the Malaysian market can contact Wearnes VW and other authorized Volkswagen dealers around the country.

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