Last year, the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport was upgraded with a new turbodiesel engine with a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) boosting power output by 31% and torque by 11.5%.

This evening, in Kuching, Sarawak, the new Triton VGT was officially launched and it features the same 2.5-litre turbodiesel engine as the Pajero Sport.

With the new and more powerful commonrail direct-injection engine producing 178 ps and 350 Nm of torque (between 1800 and 3500 rpm), the new Triton VGT can lay claim to being the most powerful pick-up truck in its class.
The launch of the Triton VGT might have taken place earlier had it not been for the floods in Thailand which forced parts suppliers to shut down for some time, preventing assembly plants from completing vehicles (there are still supply issues with some companies). In any case, Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia spent some 5 months carrying out local testing before sending it for homologation by JPJ (the process of inspecting specifications to ensure they meet Malaysian regulations).

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New Triton VGT has same engine
as the Pajero Sport VGT launched in 2011
Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) boosts
output significantly to make Triton VGT most powerful in its class
Besides the new VGT-equipped engine, the latest Triton gets a standard INVECS 5-Speed automatic transmission, the extra ratio enhancing fuel efficiency at higher speeds. Drivers can also switch to Sports Mode if they prefer to select gears manually during fast driving on twisty roads.
The well-proven 4×4 drivetrain with DNA from the Dakar Rally-winning Mitsubishi vehicles has a transfer case with high and low ranges, giving the driver up to 10 gear ratios to cover a very wide range of driving conditions.

It is also fitted with a Hybrid Limited Slip Differential for better stability during cornering on slippery ground. The LSD works alongside the ABS and EBD.

With the new VGT engine and intelligent 5-speed transmission combination, fuel consumption is claimed to be 14.4 kms per litrel at a constant 90 km/h. Having the extra ratio not only helps lower fuel consumption but because it reduces revs at higher speeds, there is also smoother running.

[Click here for our first driving impressions of the new Triton VGT] 

The overall looks are the same as before (the Triton VGT is only available as a Double Cab) but there are some cosmetic updates for the new model. The tough and stylish looks are enhanced with a front bumper extender, matte black roll-bar and sporty 17-inch alloy wheels (with 245/65 tyres).

The cabin is essentially the same with its passenger car-like layout. The driver gets a 4-spoek leather-wrapped steering wheel with a silver-accented instrument panel. There’s automatic climate control and the audio system is Bluetooth and iPod-compatible. Parking is made simpler with front corner sensors and a visual display. Unique to the Triton is its informative RV meter which displays travel data such as range, average speed, fuel consumption and also has a digital compass, barometer, altimeter and thermometer.

With its long history of participation and victories in the gruelling cross-continent rallies as well as many other off-road events, Mitsubishi Motors has gained a great deal of experience which is used in developing its vehicles. The Triton benefits from all this knowledge and its tough construction includes a ladder frame design with beads in the box sections to absorb collision energy during an accident, reducing transmission into the cabin.
The suspension system is typical for a pick-up – double wishbones in front and a robust live axle with semi-elliptic leafsprings. The telescopic shock absorbers are angled to reduce axle wind-up during hard acceleration.
Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia aims to sell 250 units of the new Triton VGT per month and has set the goal of increasing its market share to 22% cent this year. Last year, the Triton’s sales volume was 8,299 units, with an 18.9% share in the pick-up segment, making the model the second most popular pick-up truck in the country. 
“The Triton, widely acknowledged as one of the best-handling pick-up trucks in the market, has been a great success since its debut in Malaysia in 2006. The Triton created a new trend with the bold ruggedness of a powerful engine combined with original styling, ride comfort, spacious cabin, and enhanced safety features," said Tetsuya Oda, CEO of Mitsubishi Motors Malaysia, at the official launch this evening.
"To date, it has found more than 30,000 proud owners. Being the most powerful in its class, the new Triton VGT is set to increase the Triton’s popularity,” he added.
Available in White Solid, Black Mica and Cool Silver Metallic, the Triton VGT is priced at RM105, 997.10 (Peninsular Malaysia price inclusive of insurance). Buyers get a 3-year warranty and 2-year free scheduled maintenance package with every new unit.

Click here for our first driving impressions of the new Triton VGT 

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