The total number of registered vehicles on Malaysian roads has passed 21.25 million units. Last year, an increase of 11.74% over the 2009 figure of 19,016,782 units. This figure covers all types of vehicles including tractors, buses, and motorcycles.
The Kuala Lumpur Federal Territory has the highest number of registrations with 4,914,992 vehicles in total, followed by Johor (2,900,984) and Selangor (2,359,126). Penang (including the mainland area of the state) is fourth with a total 2,209,770 vehicles.
Almost 5 million vehicles are registered in WP KL so it’s hardly surprising to have jams like this Another 618,000 new vehicles will be registered in 2011, according to the MAA
Information presently available on the JPJ website is only up to 2009 and shows that the cumulative number of motorcars registered in 2009 was 8,506,080. In that year alone, 513,954 new motorcars were registered.
JPJ statistics also show that the total number of licensed drivers was 470,612 in 2009 and these would include all type of licences (motorcycle, commercial vehicle, etc).
The Malaysian Automotive Association (MAA) has forecast that in 2011, total new vehicle sales will be 618,000 units. Of these, 555,000 units (89%) are expected to be passenger vehicles.
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  1. why is it accumulative figure? And not the actual number of cars on the road?

  2. hello, i’m doing an assignment on this issue. can i know where did you get the statistics from? i saw the general statistics on the JPJ website but failed to find the ones for each state.

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