The winning team from SMK Raja Perempuan Ipoh, Perak

12 schools from different corners of the country recently presented their projects on conserving the environment at the culmination of the Toyota Eco Youth (TEY) program for 2017. The TEY program, organised by UMW Toyota Motor, has been ongoing for the past 16 years and has the aim of inculcating students in their teenage years on the importance of preserving the environment and developing solutions that are environmentally sustainable.

This year’s program involved 72 students and 24 teachers and began in March. The theme ‘’Reducing Carbon Footprint” was provided and it is meaningful and significant because the effects on global warming and climate change cannot be ignored anymore. Reducing the carbon footprint is directly related to curbing emissions of ‘greenhouse gases’ such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc. to reduce the warming of the planet.

Many of the projects were presented by the schools at an exhibition

The projects were evaluated earlier this month and presented at a convention where the winners also received their awards. Winning school projects were selected based on project effectiveness in preserving the environment and reducing carbon footprint, effective presentation and creative exhibition of the projects. Teachers who guided the students were also honoured during the closing ceremony. The most supportive teachers were selected based on their timely advice and effective guidance.

The champion took home RM10,000 of prize money while the second and third place winners received RM7,000 and RM5,000, respectively. In addition, awards of RM1,000 each were also given for the best presentation, best exhibition and best blog site. A token sum of RM500 each was also given to the most supportive teachers during the programme.

Speaking on behalf of UMW Toyota Motor, its President, Ravindran K., said: “Educating youth on environment is one of the major corporate social responsibility effort embraced by UMW Toyota Motor. We see students who participated in Toyota Eco Youth programme as an ambassador for sustainable environment through conservation activities. The future belongs to them and they will inherit and pass on this fragile earth to the next generation.”

He also pointed out that students who participated in the programme acquired useful skills through the Toyota’s problem solving methodology. Apart from resolving environmental issues, they could also improve their communication skills while building their self -confidence and work as a team. We would like to record our thanks to the participating schools, teachers, principals and the Ministry of Education for their support.’’

The participating schools were from all over Malaysia and involved 72 students in total this year.

“Toyota Motor Corporation established a global initiative – the Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050, which identified 6 key environmental issues to be tackled in the next 3 decades such as carbon dioxide reduction (in new vehicles, life cycles and factories), water usage optimization and establishing societies that practise recycling as well as establishing a future society that is in harmony with nature,” added Akio Takeyama, Deputy Chairman of UMW Toyota Motor.

“In Malaysia, Toyota has applied environmental best practices in our daily business operations to lessen the impact towards the environment. Toyota has installed solar panels at our assembly plant to reduce electricity consumption. We also introduced new methods in waste water management and encourage planting more trees surrounding its compound as well as participate in tree-planting activities with communities,” he noted.

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