At about the same time Volkswagen Group Malaysia (VGM) notified us of price changes for 20 of the 26 models currently offered in Malaysia, an advertisement (shown on the right) also popped up on its website which invited bookings for the 2014 Polo Sedan which has enhanced features and ‘now with a tiny price’. Upon exploring the microsite further, it was apparent that the new model will have a price that is estimated to be RM13,000 less than the current price, ie RM86,888 (without insurance).

Normally, VGM will provide information but this time, it is rather quiet on this coming model and while there has been speculation that the Polo Sedan is among the three models to be assembled locally, we have not heard about assembly starting at the plant in the DRB complex in Pekan, Pahang. So far, only the Passat has been assembled locally, since March 2012.

Anyway, even though VGM has not issued an official statement on the 2014 Polo Sedan, it has provided the specifications and equipment list so it is possible to see how less money will get more for the customer.

The styling and technical aspects don’t look different from the car launched in April 2012, and the car has the same 1.6-litre 16-valve petrol engine with MPI (105 ps/153 Nm) and a 6-speed automatic transmission (not DSG or CVT). The chassis would be the same, of course, as that is an expensive area of the car which doesn’t undergo change for at least 5 years.

The enhanced equipment list has an upgraded audio system with more features for connectivity and automatic air-conditioning with the addition of vents located between the front seats to bring more cool air to the rear occupants.

Comparing pictures of the current Polo Sedan which we tested in Pulau Langkawi and those shown on the VGM website, the upholstery looks identical and the rest of the cabin also looks unchanged. So it is pretty much an upgrading exercise but one which instead of costing customers more actually sees them paying less money.

Our experience with the Polo Sedan last year showed it to be a competent small sedan and while there are some who feel its specifications are not up to expectations, the point is that it is aimed at a different customer group. It brings German engineering – and everyone respects that – to buyers further downmarket and that alone is enough to please genuine buyers. It allows them to own a German car earlier than before as it used to be the case that you had to be earning quite a lot of money before you could buy a German car.

We’ll let you know more about the new Polo Sedan as soon as VGM provides more details. If you’re convinced that you want one, then contact Wearnes VW or HicomAuto to place your booking now. For authorized dealers in other parts of Malaysia, visit

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