For the whole of Malaysia, 22,702,221 vehicles, including motorcycles, were registered with the JPJ at the end of 2012. This was an increase of 35% since the end of 2007

In 5 years, the total registered vehicle population in Wilayah Persekutuan KL (WPKL) increased by 42%, from 3,748,426 to 5,320,562 vehicles.

Johor had the largest number of motorcycles – 1,574,475 – while Perlis had the least (66,684)

62% (3,332,767) of vehicles in WPKL were privately-registered 4-wheeled vehicles such as MPVs, SUVs, pick-ups and passenger cars.  

Four states had more than a million privately-registered 4-wheelers (cars, pick-ups MPVs, SUVs, etc) – WPKL (3,332,767), Johor (1,312,016), Selangor (1,052,353) and Penang/Province Wellesley (1,226,223). In 2007, only WPKL had more than a million private-registered vehicles.

The combined number of vehicles (including commercial vehicles and motorcycles) in Selangor and WPKL was 7,786,677. 56% of these were privately-registered 4-wheelers (cars, pick-ups MPVs, SUVs, etc). 

There were more taxis in Johor (12,392) than in Selangor (11,581) but the highest number was in WPKL (39,384)

Since 2007, the number of taxis in Selangor increased by 82%, from 6,355 to 11,581 last year.

The East Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak had a total of 2,491,945 registered vehicles, with Sarawak having 58% of that number (1,465,078)

Only in 3 states – WPKL, Sabah and Sarawak – are there more 4-wheelers (privately-registered) than motorcycles.

[by Chips Yap]


  1. The total nos. of registered looks like is counted from the day registration started, back in the 50’s. I sure many of the vehicles could have been scrapped. The total vehicles on the road could be much lower than that

    • Chips_MTM

      No, it takes into account vehicles that have been de-registered. But you are right in the sense that there may be many vehicles which are not actually in use, perhaps rotting in a rubber estate.

  2. How you obtained the data? The number of vehicle in each states

  3. This blows my mind. All the statistics provided by the relevant authorities is wrong. You know that all the numbers supplied by JPJ , MOT, MAA is all lies? I mean, don’t vehicle break down? ALL their statistics failed to include de-registered vehicles by various causes ; accidents, total lost, theft, scrap, automatic deregistration by failure to renew roadtax / insurance etc.

    • The JPJ figures do take into account de-registered vehicles. However, there is no automatic de-registration as a result of failure to renew roadtax or insurance. There is also no deregistration due to an accident unless the insurance company declares the vehicle as a total loss and informs the JPJ accordingly, and then the vehicle will be de-registered. Even then, it may somehow reappear, as was the case with my car which was declared a total loss and compensation paid. But a few years later, the car was seen running around, repaired, and a friend of mine even tested it.

      The MAA data only covers new vehicles registered each month. Of course, at the end of each year, it is possible that some brand new vehicles might have been written off too and the MAA data would not reflect this since they have no way of knowing and in any case, their data is to show the number of new vehicles sold in Malaysia as a way to gauge the market trends.

  4. Hello Chips,

    I am curious, in the total number of registered vehicles for all of Malaysia (22.7million), how many of them were motorcycles?

    Thank you!

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