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2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Cabriolet
August 29, 2015
Mercedes-Benz is bringing back the S-Class Cabriolet

During the 1960s, Mercedes-Benz produced an open-topped variant of the …

New Audi A6
August 28, 2015
Updated Audi A6 introduced in Malaysia

The latest version of the Audi A6 sedan is now …

2015 Lexus ES
August 25, 2015
Lexus ES 250 and ES300h upgraded

An updated version of the Lexus ES is now available …

2016 Honda BR-V
August 23, 2015
More details about the 2016 Honda BR-V crossover

Responding to changing customer tastes in Indonesia, Honda has developed …

Renault Twizy
August 22, 2015
Renault Twizy electric car available for purchase in Malaysia

  Fully-electric vehicles (EVs) are more common in Europe these …

2016 Honda BR-V
August 20, 2015
2016 Honda BR-V unveiled in Indonesia!

Even with the positive response to the HR-V in many …

New Hyundai Elantra
August 20, 2015
First look at the next Hyundai Elantra generation

Hyundai Motor has released the first official sketch of the …