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Frequently Asked Questions

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Buyer can get to know the details of the car condition which they might buy such as accident repairs and/or part replacement history. Motor Trader Inspection make it possible for buyer to eliminate risk and make decision with confidence on buying cars.

RM150 (exclusive of GST) for all types of passenger vehicles and all makes/models.

Appointment would be subjected to the dealer's circumstance, promptness in payments and accommodating to other appointments on that date. Rest assured that we will do our best to arrange your request as soon as possible.
No, we don't. We only attend inspection service to buyer as a third party organization.
It's up to the seller on how much they want to sell the car for. Motor Trader Inspection does not take any control over their price policies.


Not all. Normally we can undergo computer diagnosis on vehicle which is less than approx 10 years old. To say specifically, eligibility is subject to whether vehicle has OBD Ⅱ connector or not. We highly recommend you to enquire with us if cars is eligible for computer diagnosis before booking.

No. To prevent unforeseen circumstances or taking unnecessary risks, we conduct all inspections without dismantling any parts or test driving.

Regrettably, we would NOT be able to verify the actual mileage. Only through proprietary (brand) softwares, the actual mileage can be determined. We recommend that potential buyers bring the car to the official service center, to verify the mileage.
Yes. Indeed, we can also identify vehicles with major/minor accident repairs and/or part replacement history as well.
Ratings are scored by deducting points by the size and class of the damage.


Auto mechanics are specialists, particularly in the engine aspect of the car. Generally, their main role is on auto maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, Motor Trader Inspection inspectors are specially trained to inspect the overall conditions of the car. Aside from just the engine bay, Motor Trader Inspection also inspect the overall exterior, interior and most importantly, the frame of the car. Our objective is to check for areas which are deemed critical in a car buying/selling process. Motor Trader Inspection inspectors undergo a rigorous 18 months training under JAAA to qualify as a vehicle inspector.

The vehicle to be inspected must be within the Klang Valley (T&C apply).
PUSPAKOM execute inspection after car buying as a compulsory step for all buyer. On the other hand, Motor Trader Inspection inspection offers thorough inspection before buying, by eliminating risks through objective findings from our inspection.
No, we do not provide any guarantees nor warranty.