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Your rush to the petrol station this evening was unnecessary as the prices of RON95/97 petrol and diesel will remain unchanged for the third month in a row
Fortunately, the two models - the Kia Morning and Hyundai EON - are not sold in Malaysia but they would not be approved by the JPJ anyway
Latest version of long wheelbase Jaguar flagship has cosmetic updates for a more assertive presence on the road. Retail prices range from RM645,000 to RM830,000 (excluding insurance and roadtax)
Less radical looks than its predecessor with overall improvements but test unit was unusually thirsty and the ride comfort seems to have been sacrificed for better handling
At 34,800 yen (about RM1,290) each, these headphones are a lot more affordable than a GT-R and also much more exclusive since only 250 units will be available
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