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Honda Malaysia has confirmed that Honda vehicles involved in two separate accidents in April and May in Malaysia had defective airbag inflator modules that broke up while the airbag was deploying. The drivers in both cars died during the accidents but the police have not confirmed the causes of death.
See how F1 videogames have gone from being just dots running around a screen to virtual reality set-ups that allow you to challenge Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel on racing circuits around the world
The exclusive Rolls-Royce coupe gets the widebody treatment from SPOFEC and also boosted engine performance to match the more aggressive appearance
The RM5 million will be spent on setting up a new Technical Centre, Body & Paint Centre and also offer 3 years of Roadside Assistance to Peugeot owners at no charge
Road safety at Volvo is not only limited to making cars safer but great emphasis is also put on improving the safety of all other road users, in line with Volvo’s overall safety philosophy
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