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Another dramatic qualifying session for Sunday's race at the Hockenheim circuit as Nico Rosberg beats his team mater, Lewis Hamilton by less than 1 second
The latest Everest has airbags on the front and sides of the vehicle's cabin which deploy faster than your eyes can blink, protecting you from serious injury
The sportscar that Brian Ngu was thinking of buying was in Kajang but he was in Sabah. To have an independent evaluation of its condition, he called on the trusted services of Goo KANTEI which did a 244-point inspection for him
Toyota is found to provide the greatest customer satisfaction at its service centres while Kia has climbed to overall 4th in rankings this year
Huawei, the world leader in smartphones, has been hard at work developing a new generation of smartphones which offer not just superlative qualities but also a superior features list that will enhance the motoring experience
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