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Perodua Axia driven
Priced from RM24,600 to RM42,530, the Perodua Axia is a car that offers decent practicality and nippy drive dynamics

Latest Automotive News & Highlights

QNEWS: Mazda SKYACTIV diesel-powered cars break 20 FIA records (provisional)
Another demonstration of the impressive Mazda SKYACTIV Technology in 24-hour marathon drive
QNEWS: Borneo Safari gets Isuzu support for eighth year
New D-MAX V-Cross will also be seen in action in Asia's toughest 4x4 challenge
Volkswagen plans to export cars from Malaysia from next year
Polo and Jetta have reached required 40% ASEAN content so they can be exported duty-free to other ASEAN markets under AFTA agreement
QNEWS: JPJ investigating quality issues of roadtax stickers
Responding to complaints of easy tearing and fading, the JPJ is collecting feedback with the aim of making improvements
QNEWS: 2014 Toyota Dream Car Art Contest
Two Malaysians win awards in the latest contest organised by Japan's No. 1 carmaker
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