Suzuki Grand Vitara Leather Seat
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Luxurious Leather

No one understands leather better than DK-Schweizer. We unite the intricate beauty of an ageless tradition with the promise of flawless perfection.

Just as every individual is unique, every piece of leather has its own distinct characteristics that we enhance and improve upon. Our excellent manufacturing capabilities and fine craftsmanship combine to produce beauty and strength coupled with stylish, contemporary designs.

At DK-Schweizer we uses only the finest leather sources from the world leading tanneries tailor made according to customer specifications.

Benefit of Leather:
1. Unique – dust free environment and smell good
2. Prestigious and stylish
3. Cozy – to go anywhere comfort
4. Durable
5. Versatile – has tensile strength, elasticity and follow the contour of your seat
6. Enhance the outlook & value of your car

Leather Natural Signature
Leather is a natural product which no one can copy.

Like anything natural, imperfection give leather its distinction and elegance as well as proof that your covers are crafted with genuine leather.

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